Strange Attractors: Stories


Goldstein R. Strange Attractors: Stories. Viking; 1993.
Strange Attractors: Stories


Penguin, 1994

Translated into Italian

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  • A New York Times Notable Book of the Year
  • A National Jewish Honor Book

From the jacket:
A mathematician studies the geometry of soap bubbles and responds to the rapture of infatuation by reciting Shakespeare in Yiddish. A group of Olympian intellects is made childlike by the appearance of a double rainbow. Becky Sharp steps out of the pages of Vanity Fair to confound a pretentious philosopher. These are just some of the marvelous and unlikely things that happen in Strange Attractors—a collection of stories that explores the interactions of thought and feeling, mind and heart, to reveal the deep mysterious ties between seemingly unrelated lives.

“Goldstein is a writer of powerful gifts.”
The Washington Post Book World

“Rebecca Goldstein is a formidable scholar, and her creative spirit is superlatively generous in its ability to transform daily life.”
Los Angeles Times

“A bold, often extraordinary book... warm and serious and, above all, ambitious.”
The New York Times Book Review

“Rebecca Goldstein has always gone her own way as a writer and thinker. In Strange Attractors she continues to look out upon the world with the gaze of a wise child, bringing us the playful yet profound gifts of her attention. She writes with shining conviction about serious people and complex impulses. If only there were more like her.”
—Daphne Merkin

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